AT The House

We're off to the airport.It's a only 18 hour trip.  :(
The First Day At Seoul
Morning: Can't decide what to post.But I am bored now.

Afternoon: We went to the Holt office and met a smily face :). Then we took the subway to a palace and ate lunch there.

Night:We went to the underground shopping center and got a few things.
Day 2 in seoul/pusan
Morning:We went to a shopping street then took the high speed train to pusan.

afternoon:Then after we got off the ktx train went to our beach side hotel.

night:Then went to a koean restaurant.
Day 3 Pusan

Morning: Went to find a breakfast place.

Afternoon:Went to see where Andrew and my hospitle where we were born.

Night: We went to a italian place for dinner.
Day 1 in Keyoto
Morning:Went to the train station and took it to Osaka.

Afternoon: Then we took a second train to Keyoto.

Night:We went to a house that we rented.\
Day:3 Shanghai

Morning:We got ready and went to breakfast.

Afternoon:We went to