_I'm  in  Japan!_March-17-2012

I had to go to a lot of temples.  I am in a little house that only has one bathroom that has a heated toilet seat.  J

There's only 5 rooms and my family had to sleep on the floor.  And I slept on the bed.  J

I went to a bathhouse with my family.  J

I had to be naked in the bathhouse with other strangers.  It was a girls side and a boys side with a wall in between it.  J

The instructions you should do in a bathhouse:  First you have to sit on a stool.  Second you have to wash your body when you're sitting down.  Third you wash your hair.  Fourth you dump yourself with a bucket of water.  Fifth you go in the cold room but the pool is warm. J

But there was a sauna that my Mom never noticed and my Grandma Ton Ton didn't notice it either. J

And my Mom and I figured that there was a bathroom with all the bathhouse material in our house we're staying in. J

So this morning I really wanted to go to the bathhouse but we figured out that our bathroom was a room that you can have a bathhouse.J
So I took the bath in the bathhouse room. J  

We have no tv.  My brother Andrew ate shrimp sushi with fish eggs, octopus, eel, squid, raw tuna, and seaweed. 

My other brother James only ate rice, noodles, and seaweed.  And I ate rice, noodles, seaweed, and sushi. J 

We can't wear our shoes in the house.  We can wear our bare feets, we can wear our socks, or we can wear our slippers.  J

I    love    korea!!!!!!!!!!

I am   in  seoul  going  pusan  soon!!!!!!!!!!

I  had  to  sleep  with  my  mom  and  dad.

But  I  didn’t   want  to.



We’re in Korea!  J 
We went in a taxi.  It had blue, red, and white lights. J
PS – it had a tv in it! J
March 11, 2012

we're  leaving  for  the  plane.  It  is  going  to  be  like  18  hours.