Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ok, here's our trip...all we need are the dates.  I have a feeling we'll be on a plane in less than two weeks!  Thanks to all the adoption parties involved for letting us plan so far ahead......

- Fly Denver to Seoul and spend 2 nights in Seoul.  Tour Holt office that handled Andrew's and James' adoptions.  Hopefully get to meet Andrew's foster parents but it's looking doubtful.

- High speed train from Seoul to Pusan.  Spend 2 nights in Pusan, the city where both Andrew and James were born.

- Fly from Pusan to Tokyo, then take the bullet train past Mount Fuji and on to Kyoto.  I'm hoping this will be on my birthday!  Spend 2 nights in Kyoto.

- Take the train to Osaka and spend a night there.  Osaka is where John lived with Jim and Mike in 1993.

- Fly from Osaka to Shanghai and get Mimi!  Spend 5 or so nights in Shanghai.

- Fly to Guangzhou where we finalize the adoption.

- Take a 5 hour bus ride to Yangchun and tour the orphanage where Rosie lived.

- Maybe find time to go to Hong Kong??

- Fly home and sleep for a week.

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  1. How exciting. Good luck with that sleeping for a week at the end part!!