Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New pictures and information

Here are the updates on Zheng Yi Man from Roy at Shanghai Children’s Home:

1) Her current height is 102, weight is 15. It’s hard to tell the shoe size because different brands use different ways to show their size. But her foot length is 16.
2) She saw the family picture and is happy to know she will be adopted.
3) She is willing to have the siblings.
4) She likes the name Mimi
5) Her therapy stopped in September, altogether 11 times. She is talking more with her friends and the teachers. But with the strangers, she is still quiet. We asked the psychologist the reason why she stopped the therapy. She said Yi Man herself chose the preschool class rather than therapy. And she thought she was better after the therapy.
6) She now is still in preschool class. Her favorite foods are cookies, candies, cake and water (maybe drinks)
7) She likes puzzles and balloon.
8) Her favorite friend is Feng Mao Xiang, a girl in her class and room.

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