Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, 3/16 Kyoto

 John dragged us to temple after temple today.  The main highlight was the Golden Temple....
 Followed closely by the Temple of the Golden Arches.
 We saw a lot of geishas going to work.  The one on the right is holding her smart phone.
The Philospher's Walk is a popular path during cherry blossom season.  We missed the blooms by a few weeks but still saw the first signs of spring.
After a long day of walking we reenergized in the public baths.  Public service announcement:  If you happen to find yourself going to a public bathhouse remember to bring your own towels or you will have to drip dry....


  1. John dragging you to lots and lots of temples? Best dad ever!! You know Uncle Sly would be up for it! Keeps the posts coming after you get dried off!

  2. love it. towels when going to kyoto bathhouses, check.