Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random thoughts on Korea

Everyone is so nice and helpful.  We kept asking people on the street for help and they would stop whatever they were doing and walk us to our destination, make phone calls, check their GPS, or ask other people for help until they got us where we were going.  One guy spent at least 10 minutes with us on the street corner until he pointed us in the right direction--after it turns out the map we were given was wrong!

Even in the small towns there are huge high-rise apartment buildings.  All of them have huge numbers on the side (101, 102) and a lot of them have a company logo on them.  We didn't see any houses.

Money is so easy to use.  Just x1000 and you're set.  Food, clothes, transportation are about the same prices as in America.  No one wants to bargain!  We went to a night market and were looking for a hat.  We went to three places and asked the price and not one vendor would negotiate with us. 

90% of the people under 30 have headphones in and/or are doing something on their smartphones at all times!

None of the old people have gray hair.

Andrew had the longest hair of any male we saw in the country.

Besides the babies we saw at Holt there were no children in Seoul!  We saw a few kids in Busan getting out of school and some under-5s at the Busan Aquarium.

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