Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shamian Island, 3/26

 Our guide gave us an hour on Shamian Island to go shopping before lunch at Lucy's.  James saved up his money and got a fancy new robe.
 Weirdest experience ever:  Mom and I walked into this little shop and the guy behind the tea table looked at me and said, "Are you from Denver?  I think I know you."  He then described his friends Natalie and Don from Denver (Aurora) and guess what?  Their daughter is in Rosie's class!  He must have seen a picture of me on Natalie's facebook or something.  He had a big photo album of families and was able to name most of them and tell me where they were from.  What an amazing memory!
 When it was time to go back to the hotel we couldn't get a cab so we ended up on the back of this little motorcycle.  We couldn't stop laughing!  We made it back in one piece despite some close calls with busses, running a red light, and going the wrong way down a one-way four-lane highway! 
Bedtime calls for lots of hugs with Xiao Ge.  They love each other so much!


  1. Wow..what a very small world!! Who was it?

  2. Look at your little people - they are so dang cute!! I bet your ride on the little motorcycle was amazing, I love how they drive over there! :)


  3. I am so happy for your family. I love reading about your journey and am excited to meet Mimi and see you too. I wonder if Natalie has read this post yet! It's a small world after all (Disney on Ice on the brain).
    Terry and Taylor