Friday, March 23, 2012

Orphanage visit, 3/22

 Our group went back to the orphanage for a visit today.  We made sure the guide explained to Mimi that she was going to show us around and say good-bye to her friends but that she'd be coming home with us.  She was NOT happy to be there.  She clung to John the whole time and didn't say a word to her nannies or friends.
 Rosie showed Mimi how to suck her thumb to comfort herself.
 The big trip of the afternoon was riding the Shanghai Maglev train, the fastest train in the world!  It runs at different speeds at different times of the day but it got up to it's top speed of 268 mph on our first leg of the journey.  It was Andrew's dream come true.  We took two subways to the Maglev, then two subways back to our hotel at rush hour.
Mimi was happy to be snuggled up with her sister and doll.  This is the last night in our fabulous hotel in Shanghai.  Some of us would like to move in!  

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  1. Oh, the joy of sisterhood. Big sister showing you all the tricks to coping with life. :-) Kathy Brennan