Monday, March 19, 2012

She is absolutely perfect!

 We went to the orphanage in the morning and did paperwork in a big room with three other waiting families.  After paying the orphanage "donation" I came downstairs and there she was!  She stood there stoically while we sat around her and tried to communicate.  We finally won her over with chocolate pocky sticks and balloons.  She was having such fun with the balloons but made sure to stop and give a balloon to each kid in the room, starting with the crying 2 year old.  What a sweetie!
 James has been saying for months that he does NOT want another little sister.  He even refused to eat at breakfast in protest.  Well, guess who melted as soon as he saw her?!  When it was time to go we asked her if she wanted to hold Mama's hand and she shook her head no.  Rosie's hand?  No.  She went over and took James' hand and didn't let him go all day! 

 Our guide took us to a big Carrefour market to pick out some food.  I pointed out to John that it probably didn't set a great precedent when she kept pointing at junk food and John would put it in the basket and clap for her.  She stopped at the Barbie section and picked out exactly the one she wanted and put it in the basket then kept a very keen eye on it to make sure it didn't go anywhere.
At the room she really opened up and wanted to check out everything.  Her favorite thing to do was pouring water from cup to cup and bottle to bottle.  She was very comfortable with all of us and giggled at everything.  We thought she'd be very quiet but she's been even a little chatty.  She understands James and Rosie and even me!  (Rosie told me she was impressed with my Chinese even though I was a "white-sey")  Whenever James would go to a different room she would follow him and shout "Xiao Ge!" (The younger of my older brothers) and play with him.
The thing that cracked her up the most was finding a Chinese opera on the tv and pretending to be the characters. 

After dinner she admitted she was tired but was very resistant to stay the night with us.  She picked out the pjs she wanted and put them on after Rosie put hers on, but wanted to put on her shoes with them ("that was a fun day, I think I'll go home now...").  She refused to brush her teeth or get into bed, but we got her to sit on the bed and read books on the Kindle after we showed her how to turn the pages.  She finally settled down and slept all night.  She woke up smiling and giggling this morning!


  1. I love it. I am so surprised JOHN feeding her candy????????
    When Herb got home, Tula said "Daddy! They found Mimi!" And tonight, we are having chinese food to celebrate (udon noodles w/ soy sauce and broccoli!)
    Miss you and so happy and excited.

  2. Congrats Elofson's. She's beautiful and looks like a great playmate for all of the girls... can't wait til you get back. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  3. Soo HAPPY to have a new person in our family!!! Hoo Ray!!!! I will go buy tons of chocolate pocky sticks for when she comes to Crested Butte!

  4. We are so excited! Sydney can't quit saying how cute Mimi is! I think she is gonna be asking Rosie to bring her to school ASAP so she can meet her! I think she is a little jealous! ;-). I have cried so many times reading your long- happy tears! Enjoy we cant wait to meet her!

    Safe travels!
    The Caros

  5. Hurray! We're so happy for you guys. Much love from NJ.

  6. The pictures were awesome. I especially loved the ones of the
    whole family-all 6 of you- gathered around looking at a book and
    exclaiming. Renee, you are absolutely glowing. And I did notice in the pictures how Mimi glommed onto Xiao gege!
    Congrats to you all!

  7. She is beautiful! What an exciting day, very happy for you all!!

  8. Wow! Such great pictures and she sounds simply adorable!! I am so happy your day is finally here!!

  9. I LOVED THE PHOTOS!! They are super adorable. I will send gifts to CO and make sure to visit soon!!! I hope i can skype with ROSIE AND drumroll please..... MIMI.

    Emily :)

  10. I am so excited to have another cousin! We are all so lucky!! I can't wait to meet Mimi.

    Love you all!

  11. So excited for you! Mimi is really cute. Looks like our time spent in Chinese is paying off. Who would have thought James would win the heart of the little girl? How funny! We are looking forward to meeting Mimi!


  12. she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Fred and Carol GoroveMarch 21, 2012 at 8:09 AM

    What a beautiful family! Sounds like Day 1 was spectacular; may they only get better and better.

    Well-done! Siblings and parents -- you are all so special; no wonder she was so happy.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Fred and Carol

  14. So very happy for you! Love the pics! Love that she and James connected right away! Deana

  15. Rosie has a sister!! So happy for all of you!