Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, 3/14 Busan

 Anyone who knows my mom will be amazed at this picture.  It shows Andrea Holybee awake, showered, dressed, and watching the sunrise!!!

Mom also gets the "most energy" award.  While the napping team goes back to the hotel to rest she keeps on going, and when the rest of us go back to the hotel early she goes sightseeing with the first team.  As long as we pull her up any stairs we encounter (and there are a lot since we've been taking a lot of subways) she's fine.
 We walked along the beach and saw tons of coffee shops but none of them were open.  A few of them had hours posted and they said they opened at 9 or 10.  Hmmmm.  We walked back to our hotel and had bulgogi and cake for breakfast....and appreciated every bite.
 We took a subway to the hospital where James was born.  It was a busy hospital/clinic with lots of families inside.
 The front desk people at the hotel worked for about 30 minutes trying to find the hospital where Andrew was born.  I believe the story is that it used to be a maternity hospital but they tore it down to build a new hospital complex.
In the afternoon John and James went to a museum and the rest of us went to the Busan Aquarium.  It was a great last day in Korea!

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  1. This is so much fun watching from afar. I'm checking this wonderful blog every day!!

    Aunt Linda