Friday, March 9, 2012

Somehow we're all packed and ready to go!  I think the cat will be a helpful addition on our trip.

We had an emergency notary situation tonight.  Somehow I missed a piece of paper that was supposed to be signed and notarized and our agency didn't catch it until after 7pm (on Friday...and we're leaving at 5:30 am on Saturday!).  I put out an emergency e-mail to our Stapleton Moms group and had 5 responses within 15 minutes.  This is also the group that dropped off enough baby clothes to fill a big suitcase (and the suitcase too) for us to donate to the Holt orphanage in Seoul.  What a great neighborhood!

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  1. Are you with Holt? So are we!! See you very soon in GZ, China!
    Lisa (tlwelling9)